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How long are the workouts?

It depends on the programme. 

My 12-week programme, The Ultimate Shred, is designed to give you maximum weight loss and body toning results. I've also created it so that beginners can take part in the programme and get incredible results too. 

This means we need more time to burn maximum calories and also to teach the techniques needed to perform the exercises correctly. The majority of the workouts are therefore 35-45 minutes in duration which includes a warm up at the start and a cool down stretch at the end.

My follow-up programme, NEXT LEVEL, has slightly shorter workouts because it is designed specially for people who have already completed The Ultimate Shred and therefore need less time to go through the exercise techniques. The majority of these workouts are 30 minutes in duration.

From time to time I may offer some free workouts to get people started on their journey to their dream body, and these are often 10 minutes long so that they can easily fit into any schedule. Unlike the workouts in my full programmes, in these short ones I don't go through the full workout with you and I don't include a warm up and cool down.