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Can I still join the programme if I have an over active thyroid?

Yes you can.

It may be more challenging for you to get results than for some other people but that doesn't mean you can't do it.

This is quite a complex subject and one that I am still learning lots about. 

I would fully recommend trying to cut out artificial sugars and eat as clean as possible. The longer you do this the less you will crave sugar. Sugar is highly addictive. If you can cut it out for a decent period of time, your body stops wanting it as much. The food plan that goes with the programme will help teach you how to eat cleaner.

I also have a product which may help...Maca (a Peruvian root vegetable) that is ground down to a powder. I put it in porridge, protein shakes, smoothies or yoghurt and it is amazing for helping to balance hormones naturally. 

With an over active thyroid you are producing too many thyroid hormones so my Maca may help.

You can order both of these products here:

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